Three weeks ago in episode #004, Winston made fun of me for not walking yet. So the very next day I took my first steps, and it’s been a whirlwind of a learning experience ever since. Sadly, with improving my skill comes lots of falls in the form of bonks, crashes, and splats. Those aren’t as much fun.

But if what daddy says is true and girls dig scars, then I’m in luck. I’ve already had stitches and got my first scar a few months ago, so I’m well on my way to being dig-worthy. Mama inhales sharply and cringes with every fall (Not that I can blame her, I’m pretty unpredictable right now), but bonks are a part of growing and learning and I’m getting more confident and better at walking all the time. In fact I may be a bit obsessed with walking. Practice makes perfect! I suddenly can see why Winston loves the “chase” game so much, too.

Also, schnauzers don’t make very good supports to lean on if you begin to fall, FYI. Ask me how I know.