Guess what? It’s my birthday this week! I’ll be a whole year old on Saturday. Can you believe it?

I have Winston to thank for alerting me to my upcoming celebration, but I can’t seem to get any hints from him about what present(s) he got me. My parents have a big Star Wars birthday party planned for me this weekend, which is going to be awesome! I’m sure mama will take lots of pictures.

Winston gave me the low-down on what birthday parties are all about so I know what to expect. There will be balloons, presents, and lots of cake. Cake especially sounds delicious, bring it on! And something about wearing a funny party hat on my head surrounded by friends and family. That part sounds a little weird. I hope Winston is invited; can dogs eat cake?

Also I think this birthday stuff means I’m officially all grown up now. Look at me go!

All Grown Up Liam, the Birthday Boy