So I have this amazing dinosaur room and this week I got to tell Winston all about it.

Before I was born, our friend Katie sent mama and daddy a painting of a dinosaur that she had made for my nursery. When mama hung it up, she was inspired to ask other people to make dinosaur artwork, too, so that she could make a collage of various dinosaurs on the wall in my future bedroom. She wrote a blog post asking for submissions, and it was spread and shared by lots of people, including a really cool company called Think Geek.

ThinkGeek tweeted about my dinosaur geekling nursery project and shared mama’s blog post on Facebook. (Whatever that means.) Long story short, LOTS of people ended up sending us dinosaurs, and mama framed them all and put them up in my nursery. They cover a wall and a half of my bedroom! It’s amazing.

I like to relax in the rocking chair with mama or daddy and listen to them tell me about the dinosaurs. If they ask me where the dinosaurs are, I can point to them on the wall! This week Winston and I were chilling in the rocker and he asked me about the dinosaurs. It’s a pretty neat story, and I think the schnauzer was impressed.

Thank you to everyone that sent me dinosaur art, and thank you to ThinkGeek for sharing. I don’t know what a dinosaur is right now, but what I DO know is that they look really awesome on my wall, and I love them.