So here goes…

Oh hey, I’m Liam and this is my schnauzer, Winston. Welcome to our first webcomic!

I’m not an artist, nor do I have much experience in the realm of comics. I’m 9 months old and all. But you see, my parents take a lot of photos, (mostly of me) and they enjoy finding all kinds of fun and creative ways to share those photos to tell a story. Comics are a great way to tell a story in pictures, so why not? Plus we’re a pretty geeky family, so turning our photos into a comic-style format seemed like a fun and natural extension to our photography.

One day when I’m older, my parents plan to collect all of the comics they make into a personal comic book for me to keep. Although they have already been writing letters to me on our family blog since before I was born, this webcomic will be a whole new way for my parents to visually document my life and express “aloud” what they imagine is going on in my head or what Winston and I are thinking as we grow up and get into trouble together.

Besides my parents, everything seems to revolve around dinosaurs or Star Wars. I have a dinosaur room that was decorated by the Internet, and my parents made me my very own Millennium Falcon to play in! I am a lucky little boy. Hope you enjoy my webcomic and will come back to check it out again sometime!

Expect the site to get a bit of a facelift as we continue to tweak its design and make the place feel a bit more like home. Be sure to follow Winston and I on Twitter and Tumblr!